"The presence of God is always with you ...
... it is just a matter of connecting to it "

Sri Michael Owens
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We Would Like to Acknowledge ...

...our spiritual teacher and friend, Sri Michael Owens, the Living Sehaji Master and founder of The Way of Truth and also the author and/or prime mover of the many and varied books featured on this website.

We would also like to acknowledge our webmaster for her many gifts of hard work and skillful spiritual expressions which formed a backbone both for The Way of Truth and for this website.

Finally, we acknowledge the unyielding, genuine dedication of Charles Seigel whose hard work and funding have made it possible for us to bring these works to you. 


"Walk always with one eye towards the heavens, and one ear turned to listen to the subtle whispers of God leading you onward to glory and greatness."    
-- The Way of Truth Eternal, Book 1


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